Who We Are

AA25988.com was created as an online resource for fluorosilicone rubber sheets manufactured by Nolato Jabar LLC. Nolato Jabar has been a leading producer of silicone and other elastomeric materials since 1965. We supply sheeting, tubing, strips, extrusions, molded products, standard and specialty shapes, and a variety of other products to all facets of industry including leading manufacturers of electronics, communications, automotive, food, pharmaceutical, aerospace and military equipment. We manufacture to Mil, Federal, AMS, SAF, or customer specifications with a quality control system approved for Mil-I-45208. Silicone products we manufacture include sheets, seals, gaskets, hermetic seals, wipers, bellows, tubing, reinforced materials, flat cables, washers and bushings. Our EMI / RFI products range from electrically conductive elastomers in molded, extruded, die-cut and hand-fabricated forms, to shielding ventilation panels and optical filtering devices for commercial and military products.

Complete On-premises Facilities

Our modern plant is equipped with compounding facilities, tool design and manufacturing, product design and engineering, extrusion, molding, and other production equipment, as well as raw material and finished product testing facilities. We maintain an inventory of substantial stocks of raw materials which enables us to put most jobs into production quickly.

We have in-house capability to compound our own materials, design and produce our own dies and molds, and manufacture needed components ourselves―without depending on outside sources. This enables us to maintain complete control of every job and assures you of quality products, shorter lead times, and on-time delivery at very competitive prices.

Quality Control

Nolato Jabar manufactures to Mil, Federal, AMS, SAF or customer specifications with a quality control system approved for Mil-I-45208.

Experienced People

Just as important as our facilities are the specialized abilities of our people. Nolato Jabar can compound formulations to meet specific property characteristics and our team often uses their extensive application experience to make alternate design suggestions, which results in increased product reliability and / or significant cost savings.

Nolato Jabar is fully experienced in product development and in assisting customers with product design. We have an extensive background in designing and manufacturing tooling and manufacturing processes to produce these products. We maintain a thorough and careful program of quality control and inspection, and are fully qualified to test and certify that our products meet critical specifications. Nolato Jabar has a dedication to providing service and products that give our customers complete satisfaction.

We pride ourselves in responding to quotation requests promptly and our service doesn’t stop after the sale is made. If you require after-sales assistance, we are immediately responsive to your needs.